Spring Of Talent! Alec Baldwin's Kids Artistically Sang 'The Lunch Song' & Daddy Just Loved It

Date January 9, 2019 12:58

Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria are effortlessly adjusting to life as a happy family of six. The couple often rushes to Instagram to share their sweet moments with the world. With a love that great, it's hard to contain it, only to yourself!


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The youngest one in the squad is their son, Alejandro, born in May last year. The oldest one is a daughter named Carmen and then, sons Rafael and Leonardo. The proud parents are often seen having tons of funs with their precious ones. Alec and Hilaria's social media profiles are all there to prove their remarkable bonding.


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Alec's kids showcasing their singing skills

It looks like Baldwin's children are already aiming to achieve the optimum level of their talents. The adorable ones sang around their house and luckily their daddy was there to record exclusively candid performances. Yes, thankfully fans are about to get their fair share of vocal cuteness. Witness Rafael taking the stage and his sister taking notes for her upcoming singing presentation!


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Carmen wasn't too far behind in presenting the best of her talents. Her remembrance of the twisted lyrics is truly astonishing. Their daddy was so proud that he posted their videos one after another.


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Here's the original song, if you want to watch it minus the extra love.

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The precious ones have bagged many admirers

The followers on Instagram loved their cover and showered the cuties with many compliments.


Awww....cutest munchkin ever!! You’re such a cuddly papa-bear, Alec! Much love!💕


Love this. Your kids are too cute.💜


She’s a doll..a musician she may be💕🌺


Love the little girl mouthing along with him. Beautiful kids!


Talent runs in the family.


What a beautiful performance! Bravo! 💕

Which one did you love the most, Carmen or Rafael's version of the classic tune? Share this and let us know if by any chance you equally adored both of them!

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