All For The Baby? Meghan Markle's New Home Renovations Will Cost $3.8 Million To The Royal Family

Date January 14, 2019

Ever since their engagement, the Sussex couple held their residence in the Nottingham Cottage at Kensington. Now, they have decided to breathe in their own safe haven. Its expenses are worrisomely huge for the commoners to even imagine!

All For The Baby? Meghan Markle's New Home Renovations Will Cost $3.8 Million To The Royal Familygettyimages

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Following the rumored feud between fab four, the need of shifting some blocking was inevitable. Moreover, it was significant to make space for a plus one. Minding that the Windsor grounds hold a sense of belongingness to Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Harry & Meghan are officially relocating to the same estate. 

As the family will enlarge when the new Royal baby arrives, Her Majesty has assigned the stunning 10-bedroom Frogmore cottage to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex on Windsor Castle's property. 


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Are all these preparations for their baby?

Meghan and Harry are set to move out as soon as their first child is born. The new grand home will harbor a nursery room plus space for a yoga and gym studio. According to Express UK, their Windsor retreat is currently undergoing a $ 3.8 million renovation, which includes plans to add exquisitely designed fireplaces, staircases, and a luxurious floating floor. Reportedly, the Duchess herself is quite involved with all her heart in it!

Due to this historic haven's run-down condition, the place requires heavy restoration, making it a very expensive affair. The Frogmore Cottage's project is costing millions to the royal family. Ahead of the Sussex family's relocation, it is being ensured that they experience a comfortable country life away from the hustle and bustle of London city.

The Palace is doing everything in its power to make the new heir feel every bit of royalty. It's all for you, little angel to come soon!


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People are concerned 

Social media users are uneasy about this. They are wondering who is actually paying for all these expenses. If it's from Britain's own treasury, then it's unfair to spend people's money like this. Loud and clear, Twitterverse doubts that the couple is paying it themselves!

Do you think it's well within the royals' capabilities or is there anything hypocritical about it? Share this and let us know your opinion!

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