Jennifer Lopez Made Her Beloved Mother Cry During An Emotional Tribute: She's So Proud!

Date May 15, 2019

Daughters are always appreciative of their parents. However, the real recognization of their efforts begins when those girls become mothers themselves. Jennifer Lopez is a mommy to two beautiful children and now, she is thankful to her mother like never before.


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World-famous actress and singer J.Lo has Emme Maribel and Maximilian David from her marriage with Marc Anthony. Emme is already carrying out her parents' legacy by choosing a singing path but, more like her gorgeous mom. Jen proudly posted her video to aware the fans of the next pop star taking over the music industry.


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Tribute to her dear mother

On Sunday, May 12, International Mother's day was celebrated. Jennifer didn't miss the opportunity to express her gratitude towards her mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez. She shared a throwback compilation of all the happy and glorious moments they had shared. 

The first and most recent clip was when Jennifer paid a heartfelt tribute to Guadalupe. She mentioned how much her mother's unconditional and genuine love means to her. It made her stunning and kind mother very emotional, and she broke down to tears.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!!!! 💕

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Her followers found this dedication very moving


Oh! She get it from her mama ♥️


Hahaha this is so amazing 😍 that boricua spirit it’s so vibrant ❤ Happy Mother’s Day!!! 👑


You look SO much like your mom! So sweet 💕


LUPEEEEE.. Every time she has been around she has reminded me of my mother so much. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Women are superheroes. Period.

A mother's devotion and sacrifices are incomparable to all other relationships. It's incredible to watch how well the celebrities know this fact. Amid fame, power, and money, only a mother's compassion matters the most.