Reduced To Tears! Thomas Markle Recalls How Meghan's Wedding Turned His Life Into A Nightmare

Date January 8, 2019

Along with Meghan & Harry's royal wedding news had came Thomas Markle's series of incendiary interviews, tirelessly objecting the royal family. But there has been a shift in his opinions!

Reduced To Tears! Thomas Markle Recalls How Meghan's Wedding Turned His Life Into A Nightmaregettyimages

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Before his daughter's dreamily wedding, the Duchess's father, Thomas Markle had caused a catastrophic stir with a paparazzi scandal. After that, his withdrawal from the ceremony was inevitable. Currently, he strongly protests that the Sussex couple has unfairly frozen him out completely. He is frequently found criticizing his own son-in-law and Meghan on various platforms. 


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However, as soon as his precious girl's pregnancy news hit his ears, Thomas seems to be softening up. Change of the game plan!

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Reminiscing how terribly his life had turned around

To most father, their daughter's wedding is the proudest moment of their lives. But in Thomas's case, can't say the same. To get any chance to play an active role in his grandchild's life, the former lighting director has intensified his phone call plea from the royals.


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From his home in Rosarito, Mexico, Mr. Markle exclusively spoke to The Sun, saying:

Now it’s like a dream that has turned into a nightmare. The royals and Meghan can help end this nightmare by simply giving me a call. To this day, I cannot think of anything I’ve done to deserve how I’m being treated now.

Thomas seemed heartbroken and extremely close to tears as he explained how the wall of silence from Meghan is only piling misery on him. He finds the Duchess' estranged behavior to be incomprehensible!


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Direct message to the Queen

To leave no stone unturned, the dejected father appeared on Good Morning Britain and made a heartfelt plea to Queen Elizabeth II. He requested Her Majesty to step in the matter and assist in healing the family rift. He sent it as a message to her for taking notice.

One way or another, his constant pleading may bring his rough relationship with Meghan to come with a satisfactory conclusion. Share this and let us know your take on the situation!

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