Knot Untied! 'The Conners' Star, Michael Fishman Divorces His Wife Of 19 Years, Jennifer Briner

Date January 10, 2019 13:50

Divorces are a play of devastation and despair. However, if both the parties mutually find it necessary, it could be liberating. Michael Fishman has gone through the split smoothly and soundly. Though, the ending might have benefitted him more than his wife!

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To Michael, keeping things casual and amicable with Jennifer was his first priority during the split. After 19 long years of marriage, he was thoughtful enough of her to choose separation over divorce for his wife's good. He meant to continue her medical support from his spousal medical insurance. A gentleman right there!

The decision of parting ways was so full of tact that their 2 children went to the courthouse with parents and afterward had a family dinner.


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The divorce is now finalized

Famous for his role in The Conners, Michael Fishman has gained a lot from his childhood project, Roseanne. During the divorce finalization, the settlement in the legal separation from his estranged wife has sanctioned him a huge chunk of the fortune he made from Roseanne as a kid. 


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His spousal and financial support to Jenny will be at a minimum or not at all. The split of accounts is also in order now. More importantly, Jennifer has willingly agreed not to pursue any financial interest in those accounts or his show-biz money. Guess, the lady didn't leave any room for a bargain!


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They have two kids together

The ex-couple had exchanged vows on October 22, 1999. They were separation was put in action as of June in 2017. They have two children together who are both teenagers and remarkably understand their parents' decision.


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We wish Jennifer and Michael all the best on their own paths in life. Share this and let us how much comforting it is to see them carrying a split so gracefully.

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