News Coming Soon? Experts Suggest The Best Months For Duchess Kate To Concieve Baby No. 4

Date April 5, 2019 12:21

Kate Middleton's pregnancy rumors haven't just started from nowhere. The Duchess herself has elevated people's hope by hinting towards it. The whole fuss about had originated from the Cambridge couple's trip to Northern Ireland.

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While greeting royal admirers outside Braid Arts Centre in Ballymena, she cooed over a five-month-old boy. The Duchess also chatted with his father, Alan Barr and confessed his baby is making her want to be a mommy again. She delightfully remarked:

He's a very sweet little boy... He's so diddy. Makes me very broody.


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Best months for her to bear a child 

Whether it is like or not, we have to consider what experts have to say. As a dedication to the beloved lady, there is a month suggestion for her to conceive her baby No.4. 

Dr. Paul Winchester revealed to Closer Weekly, the best month to get pregnant. The researched data from 2004 to 2009 collected from pregnancies declared winter months to be more favorable.

Especially, the month of December is Kate's best chance to get pregnant. It is believed for the mother to give birth to a healthy baby. According to reports, it has three times more surviving rate per every 200 pregnancies compared with babies who are conceived in the summer months. Particularly, June was deemed a toxic month to bear a child.


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Is the Duchess already pregnant?

It is commonly observed that pregnant women don't consume alcohol for the sake of their baby's well-being. Earlier, during the traditional St. Patrick's Day festivities, Catherin was spotted enjoying a pint of Guinness ale. Express UK has given us the clue that this particular action is pretty convincing that she is not carrying the fourth royal heir after all.

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Well, let first celebrate the upcoming birth of Meghan and Prince Harry's child. Share this and stay optimistic!

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