After 9 Years Of Patrick Swayze's Passing, His Wife Still Tributes Him, Throwing Purple Roses In The Ocean

Date January 24, 2019

Adversity doesn't discriminate and hits everyone alike. Whether you are a celebrity or a regular person, cancer is bound to take away its ill-fated victim. Patrick Swayze battled hard, but in the end, all that was left of him, are memories! 


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By making the news of his stage 4 pancreatic cancer public, Patrick aimed to aware others of this morbid stealth-mode killer. He managed to outlive most patients with the same type of cancer, but dropped his strength on September 14, 2009. He was only 57 at the time of his 'peaceful' death.

Those who were close to him still remember him for his courage and greatness. His wife, Lisa Niemi, being on the frontline.


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Lisa's tribute to her late husband

After almost a decade, Patrick still lives in his wife's heart. Even today, she remembers him and his cause to spread cancer awareness. On his 9th death anniversary, his partner of 34 long years felt gloomy and sweetly poisoned by his memory.


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Lisa paid a heartbreaking tribute to her lost love of life by throwing purple flowers in the ocean for him. She recalls how he loved the sea and the adventures it brought to him. Amid this sad realization, she has given her support to cancer patients around the globe and felt for their ongoing struggles. The heart is only getting heavy!

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She did find love again

Storing her love for Swayze in the most affectionate corner of her soul, Lisa did manage to move on in her life. The couple spent half of their lives being an anchor for each other but it was never a weight for his wife, forbidding her to fly again. Without wavering her love for Patrick, Lisa married a jeweler, Albert DePrisco. Her broken heart may not have healed yet but it's under the care!

Do you reflect her pain and miss the legendary, Patrick Swayze? Share this and send your regards to the ones who are currently challenging the fatality of cancer!

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