Drooling Over! Queen Elizabeth's Grand-Nephew Arthur Chatto Isn't Shy To Go Shirtless


January 10, 2019 15:48 By Fabiosa

Going a little down the British line of succession, at 23rd is Arthur Chatto. The hidden gem of hotness is soon turning 20 and can potentially be the next crush of young girls. Don't believe it? Just watch!


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Arthur is the son of Lady Sarah, who is the niece of Queen Elizabeth II. This direct royal grand-nephew of Her Majesty has always been alongside his cousins, Prince Harry and Prince William, but was not drawing too much attention. It's about time that he will steal his long-due spotlight. The royal community awaits!


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The first royal to share his shirtless photos 

Arthur has just emerged on social media and has already bagged more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. And yes, for obvious reasons, he is just too dashing to handle!


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Adding tons of more attractiveness to his sculptured body was due to his service and at the Combined Cadet Force. He attended the same boarding school, Eton College as his close relatives, Harry and William. But unlike their low-key social media presence, Arthur is not shy to post his shirtless photos and show us his oh-so-rare torso. Why so exclusive? Well, he is the first royal sharing his half-naked portraits. 


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His followers totally swoon over him

His fans on Instagram drool over him behind their screen and shower him with flattering compliments. Some are asking him out and more surprisingly, proposing him for marriage. The craze is swelling up!


You should stop wearing trousers as well @artchatto🤫🤫🤫🤫


Wow here’s to the new Bond 😍💪🏼


Is it warm up there or something


I'm asking again.. will you marry me, <3 <3 <3


damn gurl did he fall from the vending machine cause he a snackkkkk 😂❤️

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