What Would Diana Say About Meghan's Actions As A Royal? Late Princess' Astrologist Has An Answer

Date May 21, 2019 15:24

Right after Meghan Markle's pregnancy announcement, the media started watching her closely. She received a lot of backlash for the way she carried herself during her maternity period. Now, someone is finally here to validate the comparison between her and the late Princess Diana. No, it's not only the paparazzi chase.


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Previously, the Duchess' close friend George Clooney had slammed the press for vilifying then-pregnant Meghan. He was readily corrected by veteran photographers of the 90s, who claimed the times have changed and she's protected in the ways Diana never was.

Ultimately, Piers Morgan had blamed the Sussex stunner's own estranged family for all the fuss. They were the reason why she ended up in controversial headlines.


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How Diana would've felt about Meghan?

The royals astrologer Debbie Frank worked for Lady Diana from 1989 until her demise in 1997. She knew the Princess of Wales inside out, her likes and dislikes. Now, she has taken into account Duchess Meghan's compassionate attributes and her drive to bring global change. 


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Princess Diana was the patron or president of more than 100 charitable organizations. She worked for the betterment of health, education, and women's right. Her kindness was beyond her royal duties. Debbie believes Meghan and her late mother-in-law have a lot in common, she told Yahoo!:

Diana would have enjoyed Meghan’s desire to help save the world.


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Meghan looks after Diana

Whether it's right to create a contrast between the two or not, Meghan is certainly inspired by Princess Diana. Whether it's her style or gestures, the Duchess does copy her. Possibly, she has decidedly mastered Diana's 'baby wave', which is a warm way of interacting with subjects.

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Other than that, can you point some more similarities between the Duchess and the late Princess? Copy or not, Meghan's servile spirit to her people is undeniable. Don't you agree?