Meet The Boy Who Might Have Inspired The Sussex Couple To Name Their Royal Baby Archie

Date May 15, 2019

Meghan and Harry's firstborn child had many bets put on his name. The bookies could have never guessed it to be Archie. However, it was mentioned on several occasions.


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For example, Prince George had once come across a photographer who playfully asked him his name. The little naughty had replied it to be Archie. It means it was already favorite among the royals.


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The boy who was the real inspiration 

A cheerful young lad has come forward to narrate an incredible story of meeting the Sussex couple. His family was among the crowds of New Zealand during the royal pair's tour. They had brought them fresh roses from their garden. Harry gave them his undivided attention and asked for an introduction. The boy told his name to be Archie, which the Duke found really interesting.


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Prince Harry then passed it on to his then-pregnant wife, who nodded to the subtle suggestion. Real Archie is just as adorable as Archie Harrison. His mom was so delighted to meet them that she fancied the idea of Sussex's baby name to be the same as his son's.

Dreams do come true!

People's reaction

The Twitterverse commented on real Archie's charming personality. They found it reasonable how Meghan and Harry must be influenced by his wits.

The Sussex couple has again proved themselves to be relatable and humble. They truly connect to the people they meet and carry their impact along.

Such a gesture is so rare and heartening!