Fans Are Worried About Prince Charles' Dreadfully Swollen Hands: Is The Future King Sick?

Date April 4, 2019 19:17

The British royals are burdened to perform many duties. Being the next King of Britain, Prince Charles is also relied upon for back to back engagements. It looks like it is taking a toll on his health, which has the fans deeply concerned.

Fans Are Worried About Prince Charles' Dreadfully Swollen Hands: Is The Future King Sick?Getty Images / Ideal Image

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Previously, the monarch Queen Elizabeth II also sent a chill down our bones. On February 28, she had arranged a dedicated reception at Buckingham Palace to host King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Everything looked picture-perfect until a nasty bruise was spotted on Her Majesty's hand. It remains unknown how she got it.

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The mystery of Prince Charles' inflated hands

It's heartbreaking to see our favorite ones going through physical anomalies. It makes the devoted folks wonder what happened or how they're being treated for it. Prince Charles has also made us anxious on his last outing. The eagle-eyed viewers have noticed something strange about His Royal Highness' hands.

The troubling photos of him on Twitter reveal how dreadfully his hands are swollen. It looks severe as the hands have tightly bulged. Moreover, the post also mentioned that his ankles and feet were in the same condition. It must be really uncomfortable for the Prince to carry out his responsibility in such ailment.

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People are distressed by it

The commentators advised how he should be taking care of his diet. They think the future head of the British kingdom must give up unhealthy habits if he wants to sit on the throne. Having a tone of worry in their opinions, some even thinks the culprit is high blood pressure.

Whatever is bothering Prince Charles, we wish he gets well soon. Share this and send your regards to him.

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