Inevitable? Sarah Ferguson & Prince Andrew's Sweet Snap Has Convinced Fans They Should Re-Marry Soon

Date March 8, 2019 14:14

Hopes are always generated from some possibility. After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle baby arrives, Prince Andrew will be liberated from the 7th position of the line in succession, making it his will to marry whomever he wants.

All fans are waiting for him to make a move now.

Inevitable? Sarah Ferguson & Prince Andrew's Sweet Snap Has Convinced Fans They Should Re-Marry SoonGetty Images / Ideal Image

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Prince Andrew and Sarah can be named the 'happiest divorced couple'. They have been living together at Royal Lodge in Windsor as a family after their split.

On many occasions, Fergie has gushed about her ex-husband on social media, igniting rumors of their rekindled love. The pair is functioning as a mutual unit build on trust to support and love their two beautiful daughters. 


Happy Birthday Andrew 🥳 @hrhthedukeofyork

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People are hoping they'll re-marry

It is not something that fans expect the couple to announce themselves. So, they are relying on solid cues. And Princess Eugenie is actively giving it away. Sarah and Andrew must be keeping it private, but their daughter is not!

She shared a throwback photo of her so-in-love parents from their childhood. They both looked incredibly cute. The side by side comparison stirred the possibility that they are also together in real life.


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Princess Eugenie's followers on Instagram are convinced that her royal parents are on their way to recovering their relationship. The commentators are hearing the wedding bells with high hopes.


Fingers crossed for them .... I truly hope someday they'll remarry...


❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing !! I hope they remarry !!


I think these 2 should remarry. They still love each other. Maybe after philip..

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What do experts have to say?

The common folks may mistake the hints, but the experts can't. Many body language specialists have confirmed their compatibility to be still intact. At Royal Ascot, Fergie was seen fixing Andrew's lapel while joyously chatting with him. That can't be coincidental, right?

Are you forsaking all the signs of an upcoming royal wedding or you are preparing yourself for it?

Share this and let us know if you believe in their reunion or not!

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