She Out-Manned Him! Keith Urban Talks about How Heroically Nicole Handled A Giant Spider Alone

Date November 28, 2018

Bravery knows no gender. Recently, Nicole Kidman proved it so by practicing her motherly courage. The mama-bear got all heroic and saved her daughters from a giant Tarantula spider. 100 points to her parenthood scoreboard! 


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It was quite surprising to see this Hollywood diva jump in the scene as she filtered out a deadly creature from her family swimming pool. Nicole shared the video that showed the moment how she captured a black tarantula while her daughters, Faith, 7, and Sunday, 10, were screaming hysterically.


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Her husband, Keith Urban wasn't seen in the footage and may not have been around. But he claimed he wouldn't have had the audacity to do the same as Nicole so fearlessly did.

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Keith said Nicole out-manned him 

The Australians are used to tackling wildlife animals but the way Nicole Kidman pawed at it, was remarkable. Even Keith couldn't resist admiring her. During a casual chat on Kyle and Jackie O Show, rockstar Keith revealed Nicole's no-kidding approach to dealing with spiders, saying

Nic's attitude is, 'Well if I don't, who's going to get it?'


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They went back and forth the conversation to get Keith to admit that he is scared of the spiders. Instead, he just jokingly explained Nicole to be more manly than him in such situations. They even reflected to put forward an internet campaign that could make men blurt out about the moment when their amazing wives took charge. 

Well, if they started this online quiz, women are going to lead all the way. Because some supportive husbands have sheer faith in their significant other to confront anything. Keith and Nicole's bond is really one of a kind!

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Hollywood's most enviable couple

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's marriage is so perfect and successful that for most of us, it is hard not to adorably envy them. They have been smitten over each other for more than 12 years and the couple's love is still going strong. 


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As a bonus to their fans, they have disclosed the secret to their blissful relationship. No expensive gifts are involved, it's just an old-fashioned mindset that dictates them to say no to texting. Share this if you adore this pair and how they complement one another!

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