So Much Yearning! Nicole Kidman Gets Candid About The 'Massive Grief' Of Multiple Miscarriages

Date April 9, 2019

Nicole Kidman's marriage to Tom Cruise was publically proved to be a disaster in 2001. It was when the people first learned about their split. Their custody battle was highly manipulated by media over their two adopted children; Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony. But the actress' struggle in that relationship ran deeper than we think.


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Their kids are adults now and have sided with their father to follow his belief of Scientology. They are reportedly estranged from their mother, but she still fully supports them in their religious decisions. When the couple's divorce was finalized in 2003, she was found to be pregnant. However, her child was miscarried.

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The ache of such loss

This news was only the surface-view of Nicole's challenges. During her marriage, she failed to bring any life into the world even after conceiving. In a rare interview with Tatler, the 51-year-old diva bared the wounds that she received while trying to be a mother. She knows the ache and yearning of this loss that is least discussed but hugely felt by all ladies.


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She also gave a hopeful insight into it after relating her agony to all mothers. She said:

The loss of a miscarriage is not talked about enough. That’s massive grief to certain women. There’s an enormous amount of pain and an enormous amount of joy on the other side of it. 

So Much Yearning! Nicole Kidman Gets Candid About The 'Massive Grief' Of Multiple Miscarriagesnicole kidmanGetty Images / Ideal Image

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Her only regret 

Nicole Kidman finally found her happiness with the singer, Keith Urban. The pair has two beautiful daughters together; Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. She does have a little regret in life, which is very reasonable. She revealed to PEOPLE Magazine:

Oh gosh, I wonder if we met when we were 25, then we could have had 10 of them!


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It is delightful to see how our favorite actress is now past her worries. She is living and looking forward to a future filled with love and bliss. Share this if you adore her new family.

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