Hugh Jackman Sends Love & Support To A Fan Kid Who Heartfully Sang "The Greatest Showman's" Song


January 11, 2019 18:15 By Fabiosa

Celebrities are known to run charities and carry out many humanitarian causes around the globe. But they rarely make efforts on an individual level. The 'Wolverine' hunk seems to have changed the game!

Hugh Jackman Sends Love & Support To A Fan Kid Who Heartfully Sang "The Greatest Showman's" Songgettyimages

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Hugh Jackman loves surprisingly reaching out kids and send his support to them. Previously, the star with a big heart had sent a consoling message to Cassidy Warner, a 4th-grader and victim of bullying from Pennsylvania. To aware others about her dreadful experience, she had posted a video. Cassidy now has a celebrity friend to flaunt around who gave her strength for the future!

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Hugh responds to little fan's singing

The award-winning icon residing in millions of hearts is certainly using his influence the best to make this world a beautiful place. A 7-year-old Irish girl, Emma who happens to be a diehard fan of Hugh's missed his show in Dublin. Her mother, Jacqueline Cooney recorded when she heartfully sang 'A Million Dreams' from the hit musical film, 'The Greatest Showman'. Fingers were crossed to see if it heard by Hugh Jackman himself!

The genuinely compassionate star, Hugh left no text privately but a whole video to give a shout-out to her mother and her daughter. He showed gratitude for being his fan and urged Emma to never stop dreaming. Can you believe his kindness?

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People had their hearts melted

His special message not only may the little girl's day but everyone else's as well. The Twitters commented to show their excitement over witnessing a nearly impossible wish to be fulfilled. Praises for the gentleman! 

Can your obsession for Hugh Jack make you want to sing for him too? Share this and send on love to him in packets!

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