Take A Bow! Kelly Clarkson Burst Into Tears As 'The Voice' Contestant Intensely Sang 'Piece By Piece'

Date February 5, 2019

Kelly Clarkson's portfolio is laden with countless achievements. Despite that, the icon to many is incredibly humble and supportive to anyone who shares her passion for singing. It seems she has a super ability to channel others' feelings!

Take A Bow! Kelly Clarkson Burst Into Tears As 'The Voice' Contestant Intensely Sang 'Piece By Piece'Getty Images / Ideal Image

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The reality TV series, American Idol choose Kelly as the first winner of its inaugural season back in 2002. After that, her limitless vocal talent kept her elevated in the hearts of her voters. Clarkson then reinvented her image apart from her trophy and adopted a more rock-oriented sound. That innovation brought her to record, Piece by Piece in her 2016 debut. 


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Tear-jerking performance

The addition of Kelly Clarkson to The Voice 2018 was a breath of fresh air. It drew many of her devotees back to singing and inspired them to chase their dreams one more time. In came Stephanie Skipper to try her luck at the blind auditions judged by none other than her own icon, Kelly. Something was bound to stir!


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She started singing the megahit song Piece by Piece and all the mentors were immediately caught in her mesmerizing voice. Translating to how much it means to her, Kelly was totally into tears. She desperately wanted to lobby for Stephanie but unfortunately, she had her quota filled to take any more contestants under her wing. Blessed was the mentor, Blake!

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Kelly's carpool karaoke

Music means life to the sensational songster. It would be wrong to go by without listening to her soulful voice. Here she collaborated her powerful notes with James Corden. The two carried out a mini-concert in Cohen's car. Just when you thought Kelly could get more awesome.

Aren't you just lucky to be born in the same era as Kelly Clarkson? Because, she, my friend is marking a legacy before our eyes! Share this and parcel your love to her in packets!

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