Nicole Kidman Posts Never-Seen-Before Snap Of An Unknown Man: Who's The Hottie She's Gushing Over?

Date March 1, 2019

There comes a time in a marriage when the spouses run out of words and gestures to express their love. But, not our favorite Hollywood love birds, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. They re-invent their love every now and then. 


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All love stories have a profound beginning, so when did it happen for these two? Well, they met in Australia and Nicole thought she failed to make an impression on him. She was wrong though, he called her 4 months later. It clicked in her mind that he is the one when Keith gave her surprise of a lifetime. Like a true gentleman, he showed up at her doorstep with gardenias at 5 am on her 38th birthday. 


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Oh hey, then who is the mystery guy she is gushing over?

The actress defines the meaning of love by a sweet gesture. It expresses how you fall for a person along with all other versions of him. She shared a rather old image on her Instagram of a man with long locks and bohemian persona. She meant to indulge in suspense and yes, she relished!


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We are delighted to reveal that it was none other than her beloved husband of ten years, Keith himself. His side-swept bangs and rockstar looks maybe way past now but he is the same swaggy individual. Who of course, Nicole adores to bits (Silently, we all do!).


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Fans confirmed it's him

Kidman must be not-so-surprised that her followers caught who her latest crush is. Keith's distinctive features easily gave away his dashing identity.


😍😂Wow! Hes handsome, but more so now!!!💞💞💞💕🧡


What a cutie even then 😍


Still handsome as ever!!💜💜


Jawline, eyes, nose, chin- absolutely Keith!

Call yourself a genius if you were able to recognize him. Yes, yes it was not that hard though. Share this and help others know her newest love interest. 

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