Couple Telepathy: Ruth Langsford Explains Her Incredible Chemistry With Hubby, Eamonn Holmes

Date January 30, 2019 16:43

Couples are known to develop a special kind of bond that allows them to speak without having to say a word. Their expressions and subtle gestures give away what's in their hearts. Looks like such telepathy is now established between Ruth Langsford and her husband, Eamonn Holmes.

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The gorgeous couple got hitched back in 2010, but they'd been long dating each other since 1997. Ruth also gave birth to their son, Jack Alexander Holmes in 2002, before their official union. The two have got great partnership both off and on screen. They co-host This Morning show on ITV together and their love brings out special energy to their segments.


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They can read each other's mind

Melanie Sykes sat with Ruth Langford to implore about her 22-year-long relation with Eamonn. The conversation roamed around the pair's incredible chemistry and how it's to work with your husband on television. Turns out their secret to perfect coordination is rather magical!


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We call it couple telepathy! Ruth explained that her and Eamonn's thinking pattern is quite similar and that's what makes their professional life so smooth. She told Melanie:

I know what he’s thinking and he knows what I’m thinking. Viewers now know us well enough, that when somebody shows us a painting, you can tell by our faces if we think that’s ridiculous, but we don’t say it. 


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This anchor-couple is so romantic

Previously, last year, the proud wife opened up about her feelings to show how much Eamonn means to her during a chat on the show Loose Women. She read aloud a love message on the live telecast, saying:

My darling, we are all so busy I worry I don’t take the time to tell you how much I love you. Well, I love you more than you will ever know. You make my life complete and give me the love and support to do everything I do.


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Their relationship is truly goals-worthy. Share this if you just adore this lovely anchor's dyad!

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