Daddy's Girl! Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Emily Is All Grown Up & Looks Exactly Like Her Father

Date January 30, 2019

One way or another, all kids resemble their parents. Some show their similarity at a younger age while others grow up and then, display the wonder-work of genes. Now, Jeremy Clarkson's daughter has developed into an image of her dad.


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The motoring specialist and Top Gear star, Jeremy has married twice. He first got hitched with Alexandra James in 1989 who later left him for his friend. Making second time a charm, Clarkson married his manager, Frances Cain, in 1993. The couple has three children together, Finlo, Katya, and Emily. Unfortunately, in 2014, his wife filed for divorce and their wranglings over this are still going on.


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Like father, like daughter

Jeremy's eldest daughter, Emily, is all grown up now. The 24-year-old beauty is an actively-social London girl. With over 14,000 followers on Instagram, she is running a parade of her on. This also an interesting thing about her appearance. She is daddy's girl!


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Emily has developed the exact features of her handsome dad. One can be in awe of her striking resemblance to Jeremy Clarkson. The blond hair, sharp-structured face, and the same eyes. All this time she was morphing into a reflection of his dad. On top of that, she has a charming attraction of her own!


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Her choice of career

Emily has made a name for herself in recent years in a career close to his dad's. The self-styled girl is a blogger and an author which is pretty like her dad's journalism passion. In 2017, she released her first book called Can I Speak To Someone In Charge?. It is reviewed as a feminist call-to-arms, including details of how she was catfished online when she was 15. 


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We wish Emily Clarkson all the best in expressing herself through influential words in years to come. Share this if you adore the young lady for her spirit! 

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