Fans Heavily Critisized Kim Zolciak's Lip Fillers On Her Christmas Photo On Instagram

Date December 19, 2018 16:18

To achieve singularity or perfection, some celebrities go beyond reasoning in altering their features. They do it all to allure their fans and admirers. But what if the audiences now want something real?


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Recently, Kim Zolciak-Biermann was under fire for modifying her 4-year-old daughter's photograph with photoshop. All the mom were enraged on how can a mother be insecure about her child's appearance. The backlash immediately reached Kim and she took down those photos at once. However, she never confronted these allegations directly nor have she defended her action.


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Now, there is no way to find out if it was a misunderstanding or Kim had other reasons to do it.

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Slammed for having lip fillers in her Christmas photo

Kim Zolciak's mouth looked unusually swollen and large when she posted 3 selfies on Instagram as her Christmas photos. The 40-year-old Bravo star had rumors to be addicted to having fuller lips. Her appearance is far from natural standards now. 


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Fans readily advised and urged her to stop her lip injection before they take away all of her pure gorgeous essences. They reacted distastefully and disappointedly on her photo. Even her truest admirers want her to cease cosmetic enhancements for the better.


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People were disturbingly concerned

She received tons of comments repeating the same request. The followers literally begged her to stop artificially transforming herself. 


You look like a platypus.


Stop doing things to your body. You looked beautiful before.


You are so much prettier being natural! You don’t need those lip fillers, they don’t look good!


Too much lip injections!


You .... look like Mrs potato head


I'm a fan but something about this looks a bit off.

Do you think she should finally listen to them or continue her obsession? Share this and let us know what you think of this beautiful lady!

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