Real Dad Skills! Alec Baldwin Shares Adorable Video Of Making His Son Laugh To Tears

Date January 21, 2019

Alec Baldwin had the year 2018 to be one of his best as he made his kids squad, the fantastic four. The proud parents, Alec, and Hilaria have been leveling up their game in raising their children. However, looks like the daddy is comparatively scoring high as of now!


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The goals-worthy pair has four beautiful mini-mes. Their only daughter and the eldest one is Carmen. Then chunks of cuteness, sons, Rafael and Leonardo. Romeo Alejandro being the youngest who was only born last year. Despite feeling incredibly content with their family, the couple has shown a desire to have another child in the future. There is no such thing as too much happiness anyway! 


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Alec flaunting his daddy skills

After raising 4 amazing children, looks like Alec now has all the skills to ace at fatherhood. Obviously, he loves to spend time with his little bundles of joy and make their time a bliss affair.


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Here's the proof he is nailing the daddy job! The daddy-of-four choose the youngest and dearest one as of yet to spoil with his endless love. Baldwin shared footage of himself playing with Romeo and making him laugh to tears. The sweet baby was glistering with loud waves of laughter as his dad fake-chewed his soft hand. Romeo's giggles were accentuating his cuteness by 10 times. Hold your heart while it melts!


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Fans savored the dad-son sweetness

Alec Baldwin's followers were delighted to their fullest and admired his talents. They complimented how adorable Romeo is and twinkled their eyes with hearts and stars for him!


Makes me miss when they were are so blessed 💞


Cutest video ever! Love you, Alec.


Adorable! You have a beautiful family. ❤️


You are such a wonderful Dad!!


Well done! Well that’s how we prefer our children 😂


What a great way Mr @alecbaldwininsta to show your son that love and fun begin at home! 👌🏻

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