That's A Good Morning! Pink Shares A Smoochy Video of Her Adorable Son, Telling Her 'I Love You'

Date January 24, 2019

Pink is a huge supporter of attachment parenting, a phenomenon of showing physical closeness with one's child as comforting. Turns out her emotional extension to her kids is also strong. She is acing the motherhood by all bounds!

Thank you @mammothmountain for another beautiful adventure in the snow ❄️

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Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, welcomed their second baby, Jameson Moon, in 2016. His sister, Willow Sage, will be turning 8 this year. Not long ago, on the 26th of December, the couple youngest one celebrated his 2nd birthday. His popstar mom announced it on her Instagram and shared a candid portrait of Jameson romping his Cookie Monster toy. His cuteness is beyond just 2 years!


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Expressing love to mama

The precious one's full name is Jameson Moon Hart. Pink had a very interesting way to string his name after her beloved father, James, and brother, Jason. Now, the little boy is channeling all the love back his rockstar mommy.

Mamas Boy

Pink's cuddle ball delighted her with a very sweet gesture. The famed mother gushed over it and shared it with all of her followers on Instagram. Jameson warmly wished Pink a very 'Good Morning' and expressed his affection, saying ' I Love You'. No other words could be better than his!

Good morning

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Pink being the 'bad cop'

Pink admitted to PEOPLE Magazine that her parenting style with racer sweetheart, Carey is a balancing act. She is the mom with strict rules and her husband is the fun guy with the kids. She says:

We’re good partners. He’s a fantastic dad and it helps when I’m serious and he comes in and lightens things. 

P!NK on Instagram: "Disney adventures 😍"

The singer seems to be tasting the fruit of her great parenting. Share this and send love to the pretty boy, Jameson! 

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