'I Murdered Myself': Sarah Ferguson Candidly Talks About Her Divorce From Prince Andrew

Date December 4, 2018 16:56

It's been almost 22 years since the romance whirled marriage between Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson ended. He was bound by duty and prestige, serving in Navy while Fergie waited around like a soldier's wife. That distance grew into an unmanageable feud!


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Their clash started only one year later after Princess Eugenie's birth. The Duke was mostly away and the Duchess of York eventually caught herself in scathy scandals. Reportedly, Sarah only saw Prince Andrew 40 days a year during their 5-year long marriage. With grief, in 1992, their divorce was announced by Kensington Palace. The childhood love story and the fairy tale ceased to exist right there and then!


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Fergie revealed her feeling in a candid interview

Divorce is the most painful part of breaking a marriage. It may seem like a healthy choice but the trauma resonates through time. It was a difficult period for Fergie as well. In an interview with Modern Hero, she frankly opened up about it. She admitted:

I had completely and utterly destroyed myself, I murdered myself.

Through these intense words, she expressed the magnitude of her heartache and disappointment. She also confessed to having ego problems that ruined her to a point of no return. Light at the end of the tunnel, after almost 7 years she rediscovered and invented herself. 

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Fergie had gone through a phase of transformation but served well to her loved ones. Not to ignore her efforts towards the community. She had definitely found a way back to being the best! 

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An invisible thread to Prince Andrew

Despite their split, the two are still connected and consider each other family. Their two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Beatrice are the force that binds them forever. The 59-year-old Duchess of York told Hello! Magazine:

We're a family unit and we lead by example. We support each other emotionally, and we support each other health-wise.


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Do you think there is a possibility of rekindled love between them in the future? Share this and sound off! 

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