'My Sexual Orientation Is Up For Grabs!': Is Susan Sarandon, 72, Bisexual?

Date December 7, 2018

Sexual preferences are often kept secrets. But there are too many cameras peeking into Celebrities' life that they give the intel voluntarily. Susan Sarandon was like; Don't dig deep in my secrets, I'm going to confess myself!


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Susan Tomalin came across Chris Sarandon during bright college days. The couple readily married in 1967. Unfortunately, they split 13 years later amidst rumors of her romantic involvement with the director, Louis Malle. Susan adopted Chris's surname for good. First love never dies right? 


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After that, Susan never tied the knot with any of her partners. Though, the 72-year-old, Hollywood diva does have a colorful past. She briefly dated the musician, David Bowie and then the famous actor, Sean Penn. An Italian filmmaker, Franco Amurri also caught her eye during the mid-80s with whom she had a daughter, Eva Amurri.


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Sarandon also had a living relationship with Tim Robbins. And her last active connection was with Jonathan Bricklin whom she broke up with, in 2015. Quite a spin of information, right?

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Her sexual orientation

On an LGBT community platform, Susan was interviewed for her views on sexuality and her own encounters. She admitted that she is a serial monogamist and didn't have had a versatile dating career. Susan reminded that she married Chris Sarandon at the tender age of 20. Each of her relationships were not experimental. The actress also said that options were more open in the 60s.


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Then the reporter asked if she is open to joining the Pride Movement. Susan was all laughs but she proudly revealed to PrideSource:

Yeah, I’m open. My sexual orientation is up for grabs, I guess you could say. 


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It is obvious from her words that she doesn't mind bisexuality. Or maybe she was just fitting in suitable words in the conversation. Anyhow this is a big deal for her to come out like that. So casually and subtly!

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She is an awesome grandma

No, this isn't the only pride she is holding, Susan is actually proud grandmommy. Nowadays, Ms. Sarandon has her both hands full of grandkids to spoil and she's having the time of her life. Eva Amurri has made, the 72-year-old a grandma to Marlowe Martino, 4, and Major Martino, 2. According to her, both of her grandchildren are just divine.


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Susan's wonderful family remains unaffected despite her controversial reveal. Share this and cheer to the life lived to its fullest!

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