She Was Flawless Already! Lisa Rinna Aka Billie Reed Has Entirely Transformed After Face Surgeries

Date November 26, 2018

The 55-year-old actress, Lisa Rinna is best known from her debut in NBC's Days Of Our Lives. Throughout many decades, she appeared in numerous TV series and reality shows like Melrose Place and Dancing With The Stars.


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The Italian beauty has morphed into many faces along her long years in Hollywood. We now see her as the perfect image of a strong woman. Prominent features with a slim nose, baby skin, small nose and of course, her hard to ignore fuller lips. She has been a style icon to many. It's obvious why. She just looks too good for her age!


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Her attractive appearance is on point but Lisa didn't always look like this. Yes, she was always this beautiful, however, in a different way.

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How did she look before facial transformations

During a pure time when people had no access or care for Botox, lips injections, rhinoplasties, and general cosmetic procedures, Rinna was still flawless. Her current look is quite materialistic as she didn't choose to age quite naturally. This incredible lady had come a long way from her innate graceful beauty. No going back now. Sighs!


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Her luscious lips in youthful days were already perfect. There is no denying that Lisa truly deserved to reside in many hearts, generation after generation. She is keeping up with beauty trends like a boss!


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People admired her previous look

Her 1.5 million followers on Instagram love her through and through. Some loved her former look, others just admire her now and forever!


This is kinda freaky! Beautiful but a little disconcerting! I can't stop looking at this gorgeous face...err.....faces!


You are beautiful - this is an awesome look on you!


You’re totally an icon on your own! Never ending entertainment! ❤️

Did you like her ultimate transformation into perfection or you like the raw pretty version of her? Share this and let us know in comments!

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