Gentleman In The Making! David & Victoria Beckham's Son Cruz Has Grown Up To Be Dangerously Charming

Date April 23, 2019 13:35

It's not uncommon for children to take after their parents. But, how rapidly young Beckham is morphing into an image of his mother, Victoria is truly astonishing. In the Hollywood industry, we could call it a starry wonder.


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Cruz Beckham proved to be his mama's boy when he showed off his inherited singing talent from her. The Spice Girls icon shared a heart-melting video on her Instagram page featuring her son performing the song, I Miss You, Girl. He could have given Justin Beiber a tough competition in his early days. In addition to having an awesome voice, Cruz can also play guitar and piano. The boy knows the acoustics too!


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Even his personality is after Victoria's 

Cruz Beckham has just turned 14 and his resemblance to Victoria is just undeniable now. Every time he poses for the camera, the fans gasp in surprise. He facial features are truly copy-pasted. From his well-structured nose to his refined jawline, all we see is Victoria


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The proud mommy posted a Birthday shout-out to her ditto on Instagram. And another interesting thing has been revealed. His personality may also be just like his mom. The same attitude, same posture and oh, that swag. Can you how much alike they are? We sure can!


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David and Victoria as parents

There is a reason why their children are inventing such strong personas for themselves. And even though they practically have everything at their disposal, they know money doesn’t fall from the sky. As parents, Victoria and David have natured them to be polite, disciplinary and learn to value things.  


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The Beckham family represent perfection, harmony, and mannerism that we all love them for. Share this and send a birthday wish to Cruz. 

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