"I Love My Husband, But": Michelle Obama Often Prefers Her Friends' Company Rather Than Barack's

Date April 23, 2019 09:44

Michelle and Barach Obama are one of the most goals-worthy presidential couples. Their chemistry is spot on, they have fun all the time and above all, they are best friends.

However, the former First Lady had given us a 'but' to consider. Don't worry, it makes tons of sense!


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The couple's communication is great, they write notes and appreciate each other openly. Recently, on Michelle's 54th birthday, Barack tributed to her in the most lovely way. He admired her for being a mother, a brilliant partner and being an awesome human being.


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It's astonishing to how clear their channels are as the proud wife also replied to it. She was gratified to her thoughtful husband and also thanked her well-wishers.


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She needs her friends too

As an upgrade to her last year's book tour of Becoming, the insightful lady appeared on Booktube. There, she engaged in an awakening discussion with John Green as a host and others interviewers like Ariel Bissett, Franchesca Ramsey, Jesse George, Jouelzy, and Kat O'Keeffe. The former First Lady candidly chatted about books in general and about life.

When the topic deviated to the community, Michelle revealed how fulfilling her relationship is with Barack. Yet, she needs to connect with her society too. So, she feels like talking to her friends instead of her partner. She said:

I love my husband but, there are times I need to go to my friends to talk about my husband. 


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Michelle's supports her hubby in every way

It's not the big things that you should do for your partner but, the small things that truly matter. We witnessed Michelle's love for Barack when she went against the people who dubbed him as 'Silver fox' for former POTUS' graying hair. She smiled as she remarked to MSN:

[Silver fox] were other people’s nicknames for me [to give to him]. I never called him that.


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Michelle Obama knows how to classify her relations with her loved ones. And that's something we should learn from her. Share this and let us know if you can't wait to read her book either!

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