Hard Times! Carrie Underwood Admits She Is 'Still Figuring Out' Things After Her 2nd Son's Birth

Date April 10, 2019 10:16

Motherhood is the ultimate joy for a woman but, it also comes along with great challenges. The bliss neutralizes the struggles too. Carrie Underwood is braving out to tell it like it is, a mix up of both.


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In August 2018, the songster and her Canadian husband, Mike Fischer, welcomed their second son Jacob together. The parents were over the moon to share the news. Their elder one, Isaiah, was also excited to have a sibling. However, this time her pregnancy had complications and was unbearably painful for her. Nonetheless, she made it through successfully.

Having a hard time

Recently, Carrie gave an on-red-carpet interview to E! Online. Without sugarcoating, she expressed that the family is very grateful to have Jacob but, there are some adjustments that are needed to be done. The icon explained that every celebrity tries to show only the best highlights of their lives. There are some messy bits too.


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The American Idol alum admitted how carrying out the same routine isn't possible anymore. They are searching for new ways to accumulate her health status in the picture. She said:

We're still figuring out our groove, to be honest. I don't know if we'll ever figure it out.


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She had previously opened up about it  

On Instagram, Carrie disclosed about her current plight. She doesn't have the same stamina anymore and scheduling her concert tours is becoming an ordeal for her. She posted a gym-photo of herself and pointed out how it is for to 'bounce back' in her life.


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The mother-of-two definitely has the courage to open up and relate herself to all moms out there. She feels for them and realizes how strong they are. Share this to support her and send loads of love to the family.

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