It Was A Bleak Hope: Katie Couric Remembers Her Husband Who Passed Away At 41 From Colon Cancer

Date March 20, 2019 21:17

Katie Couric is well-acquainted with the pain of losing a life partner. She has evidently moved on, but the trauma still persists in the back of her mind. The brilliant anchor is now ready to bare her wounds.


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Her only focus was on raising her children as a youthful widow. After 12 years of staying single, Katie finally gave love another chance.

She told PEOPLE magazine how she reached out to her friend Molly for help in the matter. Molly introduced her to a banker named John Molner, and the rest was history. They kind of zinged quite readily as in love at first sight.


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Narrating her tragedy

More than 20 years ago, her husband, Jay Monahan, passed away at the age of 41 due to colon cancer. They were a young couple with a healthy and happy family of four.

The journalist is opening up about her experience to raise awareness and encourage people for regular screenings.


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As her show's segment, Couric recalled how Jay's cancer diagnosis came as a shock. The doctors discovered a tumor as big as an orange, causing rectal blocking.

With a break in her voice, she remembered how she hoped it would be manageable rather than just incurable. Her little daughters used to ask her if their daddy would survive, and she never had a hopeful answer.

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People supported her

The social media users channeled her struggles and told their own stories. They agreed that this dreadful disease can be treated if only caught early on.

Katie has shown bravery to talk about it, as it is not easy to exhume a past trauma.

Share this and spread her message for a positive change in healthcare.

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