Debbie Reynolds Was 'Completely Destroyed' By Cheating Scandals & Divorce From Richard Hamlett

Date April 16, 2019 10:29

Late Debbie Richards' past is filled with infidelity, frauds, and heartbreaks. She braved through three of her damaged marriages and also got hurt by her friends. Let's account for all she'd been through.


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She and Elizabeth Taylor were great friends until they got caught up in a love triangle. In 1958, Taylor lost her husband in a plane crash. Debbie and her first husband, Eddie Fisher felt for her pain. However, Eddie grew exceptionally close to Elizabeth and ended up running away with her to New York. His wife was left publically humiliated and their divorce was finalized the very next year. 


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The third time wasn't a charm for her either

In 1973, the legendary diva had spent a decade rebuilding her fortune after her pricey divorce from second husband, Harry Karl. Unfortunately, Debbie took another shot at love by marrying a real-estate developer named Richard Hamlett. As reported by Radar Online, He was an expert-level con man and stole everything away from his wife.


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He engaged in a series of real-estate frauds and had robbed many women before her. Throughout their marriage, Richard not only cheated on Debbie but, also carried on his corrupt behavior. Her publicist, Michael Pagnotta reveals in a documentary:

[In doing so, Hamlett] completely destroyed Debbie financially and broke her heart.


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She didn't mind losing her three husbands

Debbie Reynolds' son Todd Fisher has written a no-holds-barred memoir, My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie. He has disclosed how she was unbothered by her failed marriages and was able to move on. Debbie was in love with Robert Wagner way before she dated Todd's father Eddie. She kept him in her memories and also reconciled with Taylor who had split from Eddie only two years after their marriage.

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Debbie Reynolds' story is full of heartache. The strong lady left her mark on the Hollywood industry and that's what dictates her legacy. Share this and send prayers for her soul.

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