Royal Jitters: Prince Harry Is Still Quite Nervous When He Meets His Grandma, Queen Elizabeth II

Date September 28, 2018

Prince Harry may have a reputation for being the proverbial black sheep of the royal family, but in the eyes of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, he is probably just like the rest of her grandchildren.


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Since the death of Princess Diana, Her Majesty became more involved in the lives of Prince Harry and his elder brother Prince William. While on the surface now it looks like her attention may have waned, as both are now men in their own rights, there are still telltale signs that show she is still quite fond of Prince Harry.


In 2016, Prince Harry and Her Majesty got the world laughing when Kensington Palace shared a clip of the duo poking fun at President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. This is one of the very few occasion when people get to see the Queen having fun and she chose no one else but her darling grandson Prince Harry.

He gets the jitters

Nevertheless, it seems Prince Harry is not as comfortable with his grandma as people think. While meeting with Caribbean Scholars at Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry revealed that even he gets nervous sometimes when meeting his grandma.


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Many fans of the Royal family would expect that having a title would make Prince Harry a little less likely to be frazzled by Her Majesty. Well, they were wrong. He is just like the rest of us.


Still on the matter

Media reports suggest that Her Majesty really has a special spot for Prince Harry in her heart. Of the purported $18,000,000 she bequeathed to her grandsons, Prince Harry has the lion’s share. Is that proof of preference or what?


Of course, money is hardly an object for members of the royal family as the royal coffers meet most of their needs. Still, Prince Harry seems to be the luckier of the royal brothers. He may not be getting special treats from grandma when he visits Buckingham Palace but in other areas, he is pretty much covered.

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