Kate Middleton Reportedly "Felt Miserable" As She Was Teased And Bullied In Her First Secondary School, Her Former Schoolmate Reveals

Date May 17, 2019

Education is a very crucial moment in everybody's life. The royal family isn't an exception as they are quite serious about it, and therefore, raising children in the right, educating way is one of the major steps. 


Believe it or not, but Kate Middleton — the woman with a golden heart, calm personality, inner strength, and huge generosity  — was bullied in her first secondary school, Downe House.


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In the book Kate: The Future Queen, royal author and expert Katie Nicholl reveals Kate's own 'Mean Girls' experience back into school days. The now-royal arrived at the school when she was already 13 years old instead of 11. She also lived outside the dormitory while every border lived there, so she was teased by these aspects at first. 


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Nicholl also added:

Being especially slender and a head taller than her peers, she stood out for the wrong reasons and was teased for being gangly and lanky.


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Reportedly, Dorme House itself was a "toxic social environment." There was pressure from the community, a lot of problems among students, the overall unpleasant place, and failure to be a member of the lacrosse team, which made Kate feel "miserable from the start."


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Apart from all these terrible situations,  Kate just fundamentally didn't fit in with the kind of person who went to Downe House. Students were ruthless, judgmental, and rude toward Kate and some other pupils, who were "lower" by the rank. 

The singing skills 

When Kate was 13 years old, she participated in the school play named “Murder in the Red Barn” written by one of her teachers. It seems the Duchess of Cambridge was a theatre teen then!

The play on the screen miraculously turned to be the real-life situation when she met and married Prince William! 


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Well, who is Catherine Middleton now and who are those superior and self-centered guys who teased and bullied her? Indeed, we know nothing about them, while Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge!