From Stillbirth To Surrogacy: How Katey Sagal Became Mother To The Adorable Esmé Louise At 50

Date December 3, 2018 14:17

Katey Sagal had a dream of becoming a loving mother. And everything went pretty smoothly and well until the actress lost her long-awaited daughter, Ruby, to stillbirth at roughly eight months in 1991.

It was a very difficult thing, I lost a child at almost eight months and ... I could not wrap my brain around.


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The Sons of Anarchy star candidly and emotionally admitted that she couldn't cope with this trauma and its aftermath. She wanted to have this baby so much, and losing her was the same as being dead inside.


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The actress told that it was difficult to realize the outcomes of stillbirth. She was scared of even thinking about it. Indeed, such things affect a human's mind at the light of speed, but thankfully, after many years, Sagal could relieve herself.


The Married... with Children star made up her mind about trying surrogacy when she turned 50 years old.

Katey Sagal was married three times, and with her current husband, writer-producer Kurt Sutter, they both came to the decision of having a child through a surrogate mother.


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In 2007, the couple welcomed baby girl Esmé Louise, who is now 11 years-old. She is blonde with big expressive blue eyes, an adorable smile, and a kind personality. Sagal and Sutter can't get enough of Esmé. They were waiting for a long time to finally have a kid, and now she enhances their relationship every single day.


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Sagal often posts photos of her lovely daughter via Instagram, showing her angelic appearance.


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We are so happy Katey is finally a mother, and can have a wonderful mother-daughter relationship.


As we've mentioned, Katey Sagal was previously married twice: To musician Freddie Beckmeier and drummer Jack White. She was lucky to conceive two children with her first husband: 22-year-old son, Jackson James White, and 24-year-old daughter, Sarah Grace White.


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Both children are Hollywood actors. We can see Sarah's success in the movie The Bastard Executioner (2015), and Jackson's in SPF-18 (2017), SEAL Team (2017), and The Space Between (2017). They are both beautiful and talented.


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Though Katey Sagal had a tough life and couldn't realize many of the things she dreamed of, she is now a successful celebrity, devoted wife, and loving mother-of-three.

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