Merry Christmas From Baby Rani: Kate Hudson Posts A Lovely Video Of Her Sleepy Newborn Daughter

Date December 28, 2018 17:18

In October, Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa welcomed their first mutual child, baby girl Rani Rose. 


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The parents are in seventh heaven and can't stop gushing over their daughter, who is going to be 3 months old soon. 


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Kurt Russell affirms that his stepdaughter has wholly changed after Rani's arrival to the world. Although the Brides War star has two sons from previous relationships, Rani Rose is a 'rosebud' for her. 

Christmas from Kate and Rani

Christmas is a miraculous time, and no doubt, it always brings closure and joy with family and close friends. Kate Hudson didn't forget about us and shared the sweetest video of sleepy Rani Rose. 


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She added an adorable message: 

Hope your Christmas was as fun, loving and crazy as ours! Hopefully someone else got a few pics of our day because this was the only footage I got of Christmas Day. Guess that means it was one fantastic Christmas! Sending good everything everywhere! 🙏❤️🙏 actually there was one pic...head to stories 😳 #MerryMerry


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This Christmas is the first one for little Rani Rose, and we can already see how grown-up she is already. She's a carbon copy of her dad, Danny. Do you agree?  

Unconditional love 

Kate isn't the only one in love with her first daughter; Rani's grandparents — Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell — are gushing over her, as well. 


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Hudson once called them 'Mr. and Mrs. Claus' in one of her recent Instagram posts. Both Goldie and Kurt looked delighted and joyous as they cradled Rani Rose. 


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It was a very Merry Christmas for everybody as they had a chance to introduce baby girl Rani to the world of festive holidays and winter vibes. 

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