Why Didn't Prince William Bow To Her Grandmother, The Queen, While His Wife Kate Made A Perfect Curtsy?

Date April 23, 2019

Eight years of practice and voilà — Duchess Catherine makes a perfect curtsy to the Queen! Royal fans spotted an exemplary gesture toward the British monarch on Sunday morning before the Easter church service in Windsor Castle. 

Kate Middleton curtsied effortlessly, showing diligence, royalty, and genuineness in front of Queen Elizabeth as she celebrated her 93rd birthday, too. 


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But why Prince William didn't bow his head?

As you can see in the video, all royal outside St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle greeted the Queen: females had to make curtsy, whereas males — simply bow their heads. 

Royal fans noticed that Prince William didn't do such a crucial gesture to his favorite grandmother, as well as the Queen's son Prince Andrew and granddaughter Princess Beatrice. 

To be frank, the answer is quite simple for those who are aware of numerous royal traditions. In the British monarchy, it's not necessary to curtsy or bow to greet Queen Elizabeth II if you already saw her before the engagement. 

It was the Queen's birthday, so probably her beloved grandson William alongside uncle Andrew and cousin Beatrice paid a visit to her beforehand. Hence, they didn't have to do an obligatory gesture before the church service. 

Did you know about this rule? If yes, you truly deserve a candy from us.

Some fans guessed the correct answer; some — apparently not

We've been wondering for a long time, whether royals do curtsy and bow their heads in front of the Queen outside social appearances. What's your bet?