American Fans Truly Believe Meghan Is 'An American Princess': "It's Kind Of Cinderalla Story!"

Date April 2, 2019

Tbh, Meghan Markle is the source of admiration. Not because she's Prince Harry's wife, a British royal, and a former Hollywood star. But because she sacrificed herself to become a part of the royal family for one man she fell for


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Step by step, Duchess Meghan has been involved in the British monarchy, fulfilling her royal duties and turning to a real Brit, even showcasing a cool accent, according to fans.

She's an American princess

Certainly, the love story of ginger-head Harry and brown-head Meghan is still amusing and inspiring hundreds of people across the globe. Apart from haters, Meghan Markle has lots of fans in the United States. 


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When the pregnancy news was lashed out, Americans were thrilled, calling the mom-to-be 'an American princess', and 'a great role model'. They innocently believe Meghan Markle is a wonderful person, the source of inspiration, and a fascinating wife, considering her story as 'kind of Cinderalla one'.


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One fan adorably told, "I think the world will be blessed to have one of her kids." It's probably due to her kindness, diligence, well-rounded worldview, and feminism. You can watch the full video for more comments below:

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Different history 

It's no question Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby will make a significant change in the royal family. Baby Sussex will be the first Anglo-American as well as the mixed-race addition due to Duchess's African descent. 


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Meghan's U.S. citizenship status implies that the baby will be born with dual nationality, thereby making this little one the first royal to be born as both British and American.

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