Life After Death: Pierce Brosnan Lost His First Wife Of 17 Years To Ovarian Cancer, But Managed To Find Love Again

Date April 23, 2019 13:16

The loss of a beloved one is one of the most painful experiences during a lifespan. How should someone feel complete after saying goodbye to the other half, the most significant one, a person who means the world to you?

Indeed, it's tough. Sometimes, it seems impossible. Notwithstanding the pain, some people find the light inside the dark and choose to move on. 

"Goodbye, my lover. Goodbye, my friend"

Pierce Brosnan is having a great life now, working hard and surrounding himself by family. However, his past has become a burden to him, when his dear first wife left the world. 

Soon after leaving the drama school, the young man met an Australian actress Cassandra Harris and instantly fell in love. The two started being an item and in 1980, they tied the knot, bought a house, and had their first son Sean together. Brosnan also adopted Harris' children, Charlotte and Chris.

7 years later, their lives turned upside down. While filming The Deceivers in Rajasthan, India, Harris became seriously ill. Later, the actress was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and couldn't battle it for long. On December 28, 1991, Cassandra Harris sadly passed away at age 43.

Pierce Brosnan confirmed it was struggling to cope with his wife's death. Harris was very positive and energetic about life, and after leaving the world, the gruesome darkness covered the actor's life. 

Nevertheless, he managed to deal with this indescribable pain for the sake of children and managed to find happiness once again. 

The second wife 

After Cassandra Harris' tragic demise, Pierce Brosnan was head over heels in love with his second wife, Keely Shaye Smith. The couple married in 2001 and have two handsome sons together. 

The James Bond star is sometimes seen with his beautiful wife on social events, looking incredibly close together. 


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The most significant is to not bury own feelings and emotions and try to let the pain go in order to find happiness once again.