New Level Of Craziness Or How Teens Make A Trend Of Wavy Eyebrows Into Reality

Date December 26, 2018 17:11

2017 and 2018 were full of odd trends among adolescents – doesn't matter whether it's clothing theme, unusual hairdos, or even styled beards!


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Throughout ages, children and teenagers have been doing crazy things and taking risks to fit into society or make people accept them. Fashion is a critical concern since youth do something off limits now and then. 


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At the end of the day, we can't change the fact that adolescents will always do crazy stuff to be eye-catching and 'appropriate' in the community. 

New trend

Okay, it seems like colorful hair is old news. But let us 'shower' you with a new song, which might blow your mind off. A new trend is squiggle brows.


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Yep, no need to take your eyebrows straight, tidy, or...normal. Nowadays young ladies want to make wavy ones since it's stylish. At least, they are sure about it. 


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At first, we thought they had to cut brows and literally make them wavy. But in fact, such squiggle eyebrows are original due to the usual glue, concealer, and eyeliner. In order to give eyebrows a more unusual look, a bunch of beauty bloggers uses their multi-colored shadows. 


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Indeed, such an extravagant makeup is not suitable for everyday makeup, but for a thematic party or events, such eyebrows will become a real sensation!

Another weird mainstream

Tell us, why whiten your teeth if you can make them colorful, like a rainbow? Yes, you have read correctly - no worries. Since social media is vigorously creating new beauty trends on a daily basis, beauty bloggers have begun staining teeth on purpose with different hues, mimicking the sequence of rainbow colors. 


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David Silverstein, the creator of this weird product, is warning that it's only a matter of time before this frenzy will become mainstream. 


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So, any ideas? Are you torn between choosing wavy eyebrows or rainbow-colored teeth? Share what you'd prefer. Personally? None of them. 

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