One Big Family: Lopez and Rodriguez's Daughters Sing And Play Ukulele By The Fire Altogether

Date January 8, 2019

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are vigorously diving into a large family altogether. Christmas time was genuinely marvelous for them both since they decided to spend it together alongside children from previous relationships.


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They all took part in decorating a beautiful, tall Christmas tree, and spent the whale of the time solely with family members. 


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Maybe 2019 will be the year of marriage between JLo and A-Rod? At least, we are hoping to see it down the line. 

As parents, as children 

Since Jennifer and Alex's children live under the same roof, they often spend quality time together, and we can easily witness it via their parents' Instagram stories, photos, and videos. 


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JLo posted a sweet video of her and A-Rod's kids singing a song, accompanied by ukulele. The Latina singer captured

Just a lil’ ukelele by the fire 🔥


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All of them seem incredibly close to each other, just like one big family. It is absolutely fantastic that Lopez's family and Rodriguez's one have accepted each other so that they can toughen their bond on a daily basis. 

How fans reacted

Though the video shows three 'singers' - one Jennifer's twin girl and two Alex's daughters, they do look similar. Fans were pleased to contemplate such a great song in a home atmosphere. 


Priceless ❤️❤️❤️❤️


They all really look like sisters!


I love how the girls look related ❤️ that’s when you know it’s real #soulmates


😍😍 falling inlove with you!!! really cool

We're happy for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez! We do hope they will improve their relationship by being beside each other all along. 

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