One Of The Trio: Sylvester Stallone's Eldest Daughter Sophia Turns Into A Beautiful Grown-Up Lady

Date January 22, 2019

Irreplaceable Sylvester Stallone tied the knot with his third wife, Jennifer Flavin, in May 1997. This big day became a remarkable journey for the couple. 




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Apart from children from the first marriage with Sasha Czack, the Rambo star has three stunning daughters with Jennifer - Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet.


Допис, поширений Sophia Stallone (@sophiastallone)




Stallone is often seen with his daughters on the social events and public engagements. Well duh, who wouldn't like to show off such beauties to the Universe? 

The elder daughter 

The eldest girl from the stunning trio, Sophia Rose Stallone, is already 22 years old and all grown-up. She's quite popular on social media, and thus doesn't cease to gladden her followers with revealing and hot photos. 


Допис, поширений Sophia Stallone (@sophiastallone)




Would it be right to claim that Sophia looks like her father? Yes, it would be, because it's pure truth! Though the fashionista has the mix between mom and dad's traits, she still inherited a lot of features, charm, and attractiveness from her Rocky pops. 


Допис, поширений Sophia Stallone (@sophiastallone)




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Ah, these genes! Now we can prove that they can play a significant role in appearances. However, Sophia constantly takes care of her body to look gorgeous every single day. 

Other beauties

Aside from a grown-up Sophia, she has younger sisters, 20-years-old Sistine, and 16-years-old Scarlet. They all share an amazing beauty, inherited by both parents. 


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Sistine Stallone was signed by IMG Models a while ago. She dreams of becoming a popular model across the globe. Unlike Sophia and Sistine, who are into fashion, elite, and social media, Scarlet prefers to fly under the radar. But who knows what may happen in the nearest future, right? 


Допис, поширений Sophia Stallone (@sophiastallone)




Well done, Sly Stallone! You can be proud of your three daughters, turning into such incredible ladies. 

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