Ricki Lake Finds 'A Brilliant New Love' 2 Years After Her Husband Ended His Life Due To Bipolar Disorder

Date February 7, 2019 16:26

Ricki Lake's ex-husband aka 'the man of life', Christian Evans, tragically passed away, losing the battle to bipolar disorder and committing suicide in 2017. 


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Even though the couple was together for only 2 years (2012-2014), they called it quits in 2015. Evans claimed that the divorce was one of the most upsetting days of his lifespan. 


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Hurtfully, 2017 was a gruesome year for Ricki as she lost her true love, former husband, and just a best friend. 

Life is going on, and on, and on

Ricki Lake got candid in the recent People's interview, affirming her 'brilliant new love'. After losing her second husband in 2017, the TV presenter was lucky enough to find a new boyfriend. 


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She said, "I found love again" as she has started dating Jeff Scult, the founder of One Golden Thread clothing brand. 

My husband, who passed from mental illness and suicide, it’ll be two years, and I just recently found a brilliant new love. He’s making me really happy. We’ve been together for three-and-a-half months. We met through a mutual friend.


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February 11 will be the two-year anniversary of Christian Lake's passing, but Ricki Lake feels a bit livelier, stronger, and braver with the help of her new partner. 

She'll never forget you, Christian

Despite Lake's bittersweet time with her 'brilliant new love,' she doesn't stop paying touching tributes to her late second husband, Christian. Mental illness is horrible, suicide - is the worst

Ups and downs will always follow us, but one rule of life is that everything is temporary. We wish the best for Ricki Lake and her new relationship!

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