Betty White's Main Crush: The All-Time Great Actress's B-Day Wish Relates To Robert Redford

Date January 18, 2019 14:59

One of the all-time greats, Betty White, celebrated her 97th birthday just yesterday. The one-of-a-kind icon is the proud owner of a youthful soul, kind heart, vibrant appearance, undeniable talent, and a shining smile. 


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The eminent Betty White is a genuine human being and a real woman, showcasing her happiness, bliss, and brilliant career throughout her decades-long career.

Birthday wish 

Betty White knows how to enjoy her life, and she deeply believes joy can bring a true delight and longevity. However, The Golden Girls star's main B-day wish was "waiting for Robert Redford to call!"


Допис, поширений Betty White (@bettymwhite)




You may be wondering now why Redford's call is essential? The A-list Hollywood actress made a clear statement many years ago about having a crush on him, apart from many other crushes

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Ironically, the two have never met or collaborated with each other during their years of being in the spotlight and Hollywood projects. Did you hear it, Robert Redford? It's time to fulfill Betty's main wish right here and right now. 

Genuine appreciation 

The Hot In Cleveland alum has always dreamt of featuring alongside Robert Redford. Even though White starred in more than 110 movies during her career, her dream is still to work with the actor. 

Betty White's Main Crush: The All-Time Great Actress's B-Day Wish Relates To Robert Redfordgettyimages

The iconic Betty White says one thing over and over again: she wants Redford to be her on-screen partner, but it usually 'never works.' 

Well, who knows? Maybe Betty's birthday wish will eventually come true and her main crush will be right beside her!

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