Family Time! Adam Levine Is On The Cloud Nine With His Wife And Two Kids On A Sweet New Photo

Date November 28, 2018

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo have their heads in the clouds, especially after welcoming their second baby girl, apart from Dusty Rose. The couple decided to give an unusual name Gio Grace Levine.


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Happy parents always keep their private life under the hat. They didn't concede any detail, the reason for the unique name, or any other information. 


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But the good thing is that they often post photos of each other and their cute kids, isn't it?  

Rare photo

Victoria's Secret model posted a photo of the family showing their overjoy and thankfulness. The kids are riding the swings while parents are happy and smiling.


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Maroon 5 leader is known for his incredible parenting skills. He always talks to children with calmness and tries to hold himself from any negative things. 


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Besides, Adam Levine is on the seventh cloud when he's around his caring wife. She means more to him that one can imagine. They met shortly after his ex-girlfriend broke his heart, and Behati could heal him with her love and care. 


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Do you think we can hope for their third or fourth kid? They seem one of those couples who dream of creating a big family, don't they? 

Maniac or Behati?

While the model was pregnant with the second baby, The Voice coach decided to gladden his wife by bringing a heart-box of different chocolate figures and beautiful beige roses. 


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While Behati was happy with such gesture, the world was going crazy with laughter from the capture under the photo "my maniac." 


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Well duh, every expectant mother is subjected to the significant changes, including hanger and mood swings. Yet, when two people are happy, nothing matters! 

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