From Head To Toe: Josh Brolin's Elder Daughter Eden Takes All The Best From Her Dad

Date January 10, 2019 16:51

The American heartthrob, Josh Brolin, tied the knot with his first wife, actress Alice Adair, in 1988. 


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Though their marriage didn't last for a long (the couple split in 1994), Josh and Alice got two beautiful children, a daughter Eden and a son Trevor. 


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Guess who looks exactly like Josh Brolin? 

Elder offspring 

Josh Brolin's elder daughter Eden takes all the best from her father, including appearance and career path. 


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Though she is known mostly as "the Brolin and Adair's daughter" Eden is actually famous for her on-screen roles in such movies as Beyond, Back Fork, and Manson's Lost Girls. 


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Eden oftentimes posts pictures with her father, and they both look lookalikes. The same charm, cocky look, charisma, and outstanding appearance. 


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The Beyond actress got engaged to her boyfriend for a year, Cameron Crosby, who is also an actor. The two announced their engagement on August 30, 2018, via Instagram. 

Today's life 

Now, Josh Brolin is married the third time. His spouse is his former assistant and model, Kathryn Boyd, whom he tied the knot in 2016. In November 2018, the couple welcomed their first mutual baby girl. Happy parents named the baby Westlyn Reign Brolin, but for them, she is just a little 'Bean' as Brolin wrote on his Instagram after her birth. 


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Though the Deadpool 2 star has two adult children from a previous marriage, he's over the moon with Westlyn, and it's so evident how much he cherishes and gushes over her.


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Josh Brolin may be a dream man for many ladies or just a Hollywood actor, but he knows how to care and devote himself to beloved ones. 

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