Oprah Winfrey Adorably Surprises Her Fans With A Special Gift On Her 65th Birthday

Date January 30, 2019

Hooray! One of the all-time greats, Oprah Winfrey, celebrated her 65th birthday on January 29. 


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This woman definitely deserves respect and admiration! Her life hasn't been easy at all, but she's been doing one essential thing: giving all her good traits and kind deeds to the world, which makes her the person of the world! 

A very, very, very special gift

Not everybody turns 65 years old. And Oprah Winfrey admittedly knew what was supposed to be done! Our favorite TV host had a special gift to her loyal fans. 


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Well, not like it's special for everybody, but Oprah made up her mind to comment on some of her admirers' posts. For instance, "Dear Monroe’s what a beautiful family. You look like a magazine ad for happiness❤️❤️."




And the greatest thing is that these people were extremely happy with these simple, but touching and lovely words. Such as "Awwwwe such a cute pup!!"


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Or "Looks like you're living your best life!" 


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Actually, it's hard to believe that Winfrey is already 65. But we do hope she'll continue making everybody delighted and joyous for a really long time. 

What about her last b-day?

In honor of Oprah’s 64th birthday, the Today Show made a cute video compilation of the star’s previous appearances on Today over the years. This video will make your day.


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Fans continually admire and love Oprah for her kindness, decency, sense of humor, and creativity. That's why we all hope she'll go on beaming these sparkling vibes until the end of the world. 

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