Catherine Zeta-Jones Performs Beyonce Dance With Her Dear Nanna And Never-Before-Seen Niece Ava

Date February 26, 2019 16:09

It comes as no secret any longer that the Douglas kinship is deeply into dancing. Doesn't matter if Michael with Catherine or their children, they all love to spend their downtime moving around the house. 


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Besides, we often see different Instagram posts with interesting movements and even singing on the background. Well, the family stays together when they slay together! Don't you think so?

We did not expect that!

We were prepared for anything from the Douglas family, but THIS was quite an unexpected situation! Catherine Zeta-Jones posted a video of dancing with the old song Single Ladies by Beyonce 


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The actress captioned,

Three generations of girl fun! Nanna, me and my beautiful niece Ava Zeta.


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If we aren't mistaken, Michael's sweetheart never posted such moments before. It seems like it's way too personal. 

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But yup, nobody can resist Beyonce's coolest hits! 

Reactions of people 

Fans are seemingly in love with Catherine's niece, Ava Zeta. Or maybe it's Nanna who people love?


That's beautiful Catherine, amazing family you have ❤


This is so sweet! Shes adorable.


This was awesome 😘


Funny and cute 😍

Sorry not sorry, but we are currently listening to Single Ladies and do want to dance. Gosh, join us!

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