Andrea Bocelli And His Wife Veronica Berti Make A Tearfully Adorable Performance

Date January 21, 2019 19:12

Ah, if only you knew about love for Andrea Bocelli and all his family! Do you know how our favorite Italian man met his sweetheart, Veronica Berti? With the help of a mutual passion for music




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No question the two are the image of true love and admiration. Music has always united Andrea and Veronica so that they occasionally spend the whale of the time listening to melodies and singing altogether. 




Though the couple has the 25-year age difference, Bocelli claims that it actually helps their marriage and family blossom every single day. 

The heartfelt performance 

Andrea Bocelli adores singing with his beautiful and talented wife. Both partners have incredible voices and their on-stage chemistry is just everything for us. Just look at this mesmerizing performance Les Feuilles Mortes, but don't forget to bring some tissues to wipe your tears away. 

Saying how perfect Andrea and Veronica are is saying nothing. All words and emotions are failing to describe true feelings while watching this touching duet. 




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Love knows no blindness or deafness. Love comes from the bottoms of hearts. This is exactly what Andrea Bocelli and Veronica Berti have been sharing for ages

Another performance

Music has always played a vital role in Bocelli and Berti's lives, and singing helps them toughen their bond more and more on a daily basis. Let's watch another performance of the two sweethearts, showcasing their passion for each other. 

If you ever doubt in the existence of true love, look at Bocelli and Berti as many times as needed to reassure yourself. Do you like them? If yes, don't forget to leave your impressions in the comments. 

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