Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joe Baena Masterly Recreates His Dad's Mr. Universe Pose

Date January 18, 2019

We often hear or read the saying, "Like father, like son" and let us quickly assure you of this trustworthiness. Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, Joseph Baena, is a carbon copy of the famous bodybuilder and politician. 


Допис, поширений Joseph Baena (@projoe2)




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Even though the world found out about Joe after a while, the majority of people noticed the striking resemblance with Arnold, mostly physical. Just like the dad, Mr. Baena is a sportsman who can show off his gorgeous muscular



Допис, поширений Joseph Baena (@projoe2)




The two men like spending quality time together and Joseph doesn't stop posting photos, proving that he is becoming more and more like his iconic father. 

Mr. Universe pose

21-year-old Joseph Baena seemingly tries to look like Arnold in all senses and by all means. The young guy frequently works out and opts for various sports activities with his mates. 


Допис, поширений Joseph Baena (@projoe2)




Several days ago, Joe posted the iconic photo, recreating Arnold Schwarzenegger's all-time great pose. He added the caption,

Just a lil thicc.


Допис, поширений Joseph Baena (@projoe2)




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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joe Baena Masterly Recreates His Dad's Mr. Universe Posegettyimages

Well, we are sure that many young ladies are after Joe as females were after the Terminator star a decade ago. 

It's a beautiful time 

As we've mentioned, Arnold and Joseph often spend time together. For instance, they paid a visit to Schwarzenegger's close buddy, Sylvester Stallone on Christmas 2018. All three were visibly joyous, delighted, and interactive with one another. 




The father-son relationship is always a great item. Hopefully, we will more photos of Joseph Baena and his striking resemblance to his famous pops. 

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