"First Trip To NY": Princess Charlene Of Monaco Shows The First Adventure Of Her Adorable Twins

Date January 18, 2019

We don't fix our eyes only on the British royals, but also Monaco's royal family. Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are deeply in love as partners and doting parents of their adorable twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.




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The royals like spending time with their children and know how to have a whale of the time altogether. The twins are already grown-ups and look more and more like their beautiful mama. 

NYC trip 

Princess Charlene oftentimes posts pictures of her lovely twins. A few days ago, Monaco's royal family made their first adventure to New York City. 




The mother-of-two posted a video with the caption

First trip to NY ❤️ Great adventure and a wonderful experience! Thank You, US.




We can't believe how beautiful and adorable Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella look like! The two seem very close to each other, and we're thrilled to see more photos! 




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Have you noticed that the royal kids look like angels coming from the above? Yep, they are! 

Too much energy 

It is no question that children tend to be way too lively. They occasionally create chaos and it's [almost] impossible to keep them under control. That's exactly how Princess Charlene feels about her twins




The Monaco royal explains that her children seem to be 'too energetic for their age,' and this it's hard to take care of them. However, nothing is impossible for mothers, right? 




We do think that Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella can win everybody's hearts using their charming smiles, angelic looks, and adorable behaviors. 

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