Josh Brolin On His First Wife And Mother Of 2 Kids, Alice Adair. Are They Still Friends After All?

Date February 5, 2019

No wonder that the path of a married couple can be on the rocks or come to an end sooner or later. Josh Brolin knows this feeling as his first marriage didn't last for a long time. 

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Josh tied the knot with an actress Alice Adair in 1988, but after 6 years, they called it quits. Even though it's always a painful moment for partners, Josh and Alice had two amazing children, Trevor and Eden

Still buddies?

In fact, people try to end any attachment to each other after divorce; however, Josh Brolin and Alice Adair are still friends. In one of the recent interviews, James Brolin's son claimed that 2 kids make them remain closer, apart from the drama. 


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Brolin conceded:

She [Alice Adair] was the mother of my children. I'm still best friends with her. I ended up having two amazing kids, so it turned out OK. 

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Notably, it doesn't change the fact that they can be still friends, but not like best buddies who share all the ins and outs. But still, it is really awesome Josh and Alice are still on good terms. 

Failed marriages

After the divorce with Alice Adair, Josh Brolin didn't want to be a life-long bachelor. He was the husband of Diane Lane between 2004-2013, and the couple didn't have any children. 


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In 2016, the Milk star tied the knot with his former assistant and model Kathryn Boyd. And in November 2018, the two welcomed their first mutual daughter, Westlyn Reign Brolin.


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As you can see, divorce doesn't mean the end of the world. Josh Brolin has been married 3 times in general and is now a devoted husband and doting father. 

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